Hand liquid :

Celine washing liquid because of having emollient and humidifier is a suitable option for daily use.

With use of  Celine, you will always have soft and scented skin.

Celine brings a sense of cleanliness and freshness to your hands

Body shampoo 250 400 gr :

Body shampoo is an effective detergent and  the  best  way  for cleanse the body in the bath, which in addition to maintaining healthy skin due to its soft silky texture, will make the skin feel good.

Glass cleaner :

The best option for cleaning and shining is Celine glass cleaner. Non-alcoholic glass cleaner Celine is a powerful cleaner that easily removes dust and grease from glass, mirrors and chrome and makes clean their surface  shiny and even.

Oven  cleaner :

Gas cleaner sprays are very effective in cleaning and staining the surfaces of stoves and gases.  These cleaners have different properties.  Staining, disinfection, shine, creating a pleasant scent, etc. are the features of a good cleanser.

All purpose cleaner :

Choosing the right detergent helps a lot to our health and the health of our home appliances.

At the same time, using different detergents makes our work difficult, so we must look for products that can do the work of several detergents for us.

Celine multi-purpose cleaner has many uses and can be used for washing kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, sofas and other surfaces.

Surface cleaner :

Liquid Simple bleach :

Celine bleach liquid is very high in terms of quality and has a high cleaning power and does not have an annoying odor.

This bleach for surfaces such as floors and walls of bathrooms and toilets, oil painted walls and ceramic toilets easily removes dirt and stains, and is very suitable for washing linen, cotton, towels and white sheets.

Liquid Aromatic bleach :

This product is one of the most powerful products as a cleaner for various surfaces such as ceramic tiles, Iranian-French toilets, bathtubs, etc., and with excellent performance to remove dirt and germs in hygienic places such as bathtubs , Used in toilets and other places.

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